Japanese meaning Guardian, derived from the word Shogun.


  1. Do unto others...

    Better known as the Golden Rule, we at SHUGO live and breathe by it. Not just in our interactions with fellow team members, but also in every interaction we have with our clients and vendors.

    We're fanatical about treating our customers how we'd like our vendors to treat us. That's why we try to answer every customer inquiry within twenty minutes or less -- it's our way to WOW our customers daily. Without them, we wouldn't be in business.

  2. Always let your conscience be your guide

    Honesty and integrity are important to us. We hate the way some companies lie or stretch the truth to their clients and their own staff. If we make a mistake, we'll be the first to admit it versus hoping no one notices.
  3. Be fearless and above all have fun

    Some simple lessons: don't be afraid to make mistakes, enjoy what you do and have a blast every day!
  4. Seal it with a KISS

    Software often times is or becomes too complicated resulting in frustrated users. We focus as much on how the software works (algorithms, scalability, etc...) as much as we do about how it looks and feels to our users. An overused saying we have is "Keep It Simple Stupid"!
  5. Push the envelope

    May seem contradictory to #4, but we continually strive to push the envelope on what's possible. This means consistently embracing change and learning new and innovative technologies. The challenge is then mixing in what's new, but keeping it simple and easy to use.


  • Basecamp

    Philosophy: Focus on what your clients need. Don't over-complicate software with unnecessary and unneeded features.

  • Zappos

    Philosophy: The customer experience is paramount.

  • Google

    Philosophy: Pure innovation and out of the box thinking.



Shugo acquired by SwipeClock (1/11/2018)


HUB HR released (10/15/2017)

Al Klyne joins Shugo (7/17/2017)

FLIGHT extended with integrated WOTC processing (4/15/2017)

Employee engagement suggestion box added to HUB (2/5/2017)

Employee engagement recognition wall added to HUB (1/15/2017)


Employee engagement scheduled check-ins added to HUB (12/18/2016)

SwipeClock's Web Clock added to the LOFT store (10/23/2016)

HUB expanded with employee address, federal W4 and direct deposit update capability (9/26/2016)

Introduced HUB Rewards (8/28/2016)

LOFT sandbox released (5/22/2016)
Bert Nieves joins Shugo (5/16/2016)

HUB features new time and attendance enhancements (3/2016)

HUB supports employee 1095 delivery (1/2016)


FLIGHT released for takeoff (8/2015)

FGX payroll and quarterly report delivery available for Execupay users (6/2015)

HUB announced as a new ESS solution for Execupay (3/2015)


Justin Kloos joins Shugo (11/24/2014)

New HUB Basic pricing tiers introduced (10/2014)
Employee PUSH alerts incorporated as a basic HUB feature (10/2014)

HUB offered through Execupay's channel partnerships (9/25/2014)
Staci Hymanson joins Shugo (9/2/2014)

HUB selected as a vendor technology innovation by IPPA (8/2014)
HRAnswerlink and Shugo announce integrated HR and Payroll Functionality (8/25/2014)

HUB integration with Execupay goes live (7/2014) redesigned (finally) (1/12/2014)


PUSH integration with Execupay goes live (11/01/2013)
HUB introduced for Evolution clients (11/24/2013)

Alissa Hutton joins Shugo (10/28/2013)
PUSH integration with Adaptasoft goes live (10/01/2013)

HUB introduced for PayChoice and MPAY clients (9/17/2013)

PUSH selected as a vendor technology innovation by IPPA (8/2013)

PUSH introduced for Evolution clients (4/12/2013)

PUSH introduced for PayChoice and MPAY clients (2/4/2013)


Employee W2/1099 delivery introduced (12/23/2012)

First FGXm (MPAY) payroll report and pay stub deliveries through FGX (7/8/2012 at 9:08 am EST)

First employee pay stub delivered through FGX (1/9/2012 at 6:00 am EST)


Erica "Boo" Schubert joins Shugo (11/01/2011)

First PayChoice PDF reports converted from ViewChoice delivered through FGX (6/1/2011 at 4:48 pm EST) redesigned (5/1/2011)


First file sent securely using FGX (12/17/2010 at 11:21 am EST)

First file sent securely using the FileGuardian Outlook plug-in (8/31/2010 at 4:53 pm EST)


Rob Bacher joins Shugo

First file sent securely through FileGuardian (2/13/2009 at 4:13 pm EST)


FileGuardian development begins