The next generation of reporting for employers and employees

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, just to name a few, are the new breed of apps keeping us up to date with all that's going on!

With their "push" notifications, we're alerted each time something happens keeping us in the "now" every second of the day.

Why should payroll be any different?

Your cell phone...now a payroll report viewer

Over 90% of U.S. households have a cell phone

Americans send over 6 billion text messages daily...almost 70,000 each second!

With PUSH, payroll is welcomed to the party!

And it even works with old Zack Morris brick cell phones.

PUSH Alerts

For business owners,
payroll administrators and employees

Automated payroll cash requirement alerts and payroll input reminders for employers.

Breaking HR alerts and best practices powered by our partner HRAnswerLink.

Net pay, scheduled direct deposit and PTO alerts for employees.

"PUSH is the next generation of reporting for employers and employees."

"PUSH truly sets us apart, especially from the large national payroll providers. We've included PUSH as part of standard payroll package because of the competitive advantage it provides TLC Payroll."

"We know service bureaus want their providers to be working together. Through this integration, the bureaus and their clients will be able to stay current on the latest HR news and best practices right from within their PUSH subscription."

Pricing which doesn't break the bank

Starting at just $15.00/month

Wholesale 1
Monthly Fee 2 $ 15.00
Alerts 1-100 $ 0.00
(included in your monthly fee)
Alerts 101-299 $ .10 alert
Alerts 300+ $ .08 alert

1 - The price Shugo charges you, the payroll company monthly.

2 - Includes your own local PUSH text message phone number.

Revenue...who doesn't like that?

Besides its innovation, PUSH will also generate new revenue

Use our PUSH calculator to determine your estimated revenue generation.
To help you, we've started with some standard numbers we've seen used across our clients.

  1. Calculate the total number of PUSH alerts you'll send monthly
    Companies with employer alerts
    Companies with employee alerts
    Average number of payrolls/month per company
    Average number of employees per company
  2. Set your retail per alert price points
    Price per company alert $
    Price per employee alert $

Your monthly revenue: